LOT FactoryBlueBox Electronics is dedicated in being your premier source for networking cables, consumer electronic cables, and accessories. We provide the highest quality of products with sustained reliability and exceptional performance.

Partnership with LOT

This commitment to quality is made possible through our partnership with LianGang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (LOT). Based out of China, LOT is a worldwide organization dedicated to providing the best cables, connectors, and accessories. With extensive facilities and specialized workshops in many areas including connectors, raw cables, molding, tooling, and cable processing, LOT is a one-stop shop for electronic products.

LOT Reception To ensure the quality of products, BlueBox and LOT have developed a quality control department which contains chemical, mechanical, environmental, and electrical test labs, all of which are operated by ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2008 standard. With a company-wide quality control mindset in place, we can ensure that all products are thoroughly inspected before leaving the facility.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Using its Advanced Product Quality Planning system (APQP), a full product and process R&D program is followed, with a feedback, assessment, and corrective action process in place to prevent future product issues. LOT Factory LineBy using a quality control system that covers the entire process from conception to completion, BlueBox and LianGang Optoelectronic Technology can ensure that only the best quality products reach its customers.